About Us


Our Company’s Origin

As a one-of-a-kind organization, we felt that it was crucial to use profound, universal icons when creating our company’s identity; AtRock. Below is the detailed explanation of our inception: Atlas, the Greek Titan, embodies the characteristics of perseverance, leadership and confidence.

To complement those characteristics, a rock is a universal symbol of stability and loyalty.

Simultaneously exhibiting all 5 characteristics is the perfect concoction for a long-term, valued partner, therefore we combined the two symbolic icons resulting in the formation of the name “AtRock”.

AtRock Consulting Group ensures that its employees portray the aforementioned characteristics to achieve maximum business potential.


Through client’s most challenging business obstacles


Subject matter experts will be assigned to every client


The solution we provide WILL solve the client’s business challenge


Elite customer service and communication will be available 24/7


All client information will remain confidential as to protect all intellectual property