Resume Revamping

From formatting to quantifying accomplishments, there are endless ways to make your resume stand out. In the initial consultation, our team will provide a free analysis of your resume, and if there is significant revamping necessary, we’ll collaborate with you until it is the best representation of yourself.

Veteran Transition

We start with the understanding of the journey. Members of our VT team are military leaders with strong leadership and experience in military transition to corporate culture.

We provide veterans with the tools for long-term career development, one-on-one career coaching and nationwide networking opportunities. Our program focuses on each individual’s career goals to align the roadmap to appropriate corporate environment. Through tailored job search strategies, resume revamping, interview coaching, long-term career planning, impact networking and small business formation, our versatile teach can support all post-military journeys. The end result will be new skills, an actionable plan and new relationships for accelerating to the next chapter of success.

We also bring the added value of introductions through our national employer network that allow you to learn about career opportunities and begin to build a professional relationship in the industry you are interested in.

LinkedIn Branding

LinkedIn is the largest online professional network in the world and constantly enhances its offerings. That being said, our professionals are tasked with analyzing individuals career goals in order to help them network and build authentic and supportive relationships in the business community. We provide a proven, multi-faceted approach to maximize your profile, effective job searching techniques, and targeting the influential people and companies you are interested in networking with to explore new opportunities or partnerships.

Interview Coaching

Our team has collectively conducted over 5000+ hours of interviews and consequently formulated a comprehensive interview preparation strategy. Mannerism etiquette expectation, role-playing and follow-up communication are the three core components our course focuses on. Practice makes perfect, so utilize our experts to best prepare you for obtaining the job you deserve.